Budget for relocation: how an expert can help you save money

Budgeting for relocation has a few tricks.

Global Mobility can bring great benefits to companies, but they are not without cost. Finding the right budget for relocation may be difficult, but depending on the sort of relocation your program provides, there are many ways you can be more cost-effective. If your goal is to start or adapt your relocation program, but money […]

Types of Global Assignments: which one is best for each of your relocations?

There are different types of global assignments

Both companies and staff have a lot to gain with corporate relocation. Businesses have many options when choosing their global mobility strategy, and knowing the different types of global assignments can help them decide on their strategy. With a diverse global mobility portfolio, organizations can maximize their ROI by ensuring they choose the most appropriate […]

Destination Services plan: prevent mistakes

Researching is fundamental to prevent mistakes on your destination services plan.

Today’s digital technology allows assignees to be connected at all times while providing quick access to an infinite number of destination services. But this connectivity can create a lot of misinformation. A good destination services provider has a high level of technology and should take the lead and assist transferees and assignees when it comes […]

How to prepare expatriates for an assignment

Learn how to prepare expatriates for assignments

Many people are involved when a company decides to send someone on an assignment, but it is especially important to prepare expatriates before their relocation. Preparing assignees for travel is critical, whether for a short-term assignment or a permanent relocation. To help you with these, All Points selected a few tips on what to do […]

Mobility in business: it is time to go global

Hiring remote for global mobility may be the first step to relocation

The combination of the Covid-19 pandemic and technological advancement have changed almost everything we thought we knew about working environments. Employees can work remotely at any time and from any location, as long as they have the proper credentials to access the company’s data centers. They can get up-to-date information, stay in touch with coworkers […]

Choose Canadian: four essential local destination services

Good local destination services can only be provided by Canadian companies.

One thing we’ve learned in the last few years is that talent and sales have no borders. Thanks to technology and heightened by the necessity of the pandemic, people from all over the world can sell anything. If your business needs mobility for relocations into Canada, you may have considered getting relocation services from companies […]

Besides Netflix: what to do when an assignee feels alone abroad

What to do when feeling alone abroad

Expatriate loneliness can be a real problem not only for people feeling alone abroad but also for the company that has the duty of taking care of an employee during an assignment. Of course, when loneliness starts to become a mental health issue, it is important to look for specialized help. But there are a […]

Permanent Residency: When should you offer to sponsor it for your new hires?

With more than 280.000 immigrants annually, Canada is a country many people want to live in. Even in 2020, the number of permanent residents rose, especially when borders were still opening. With the gradual return of the economy and the reopening of borders, this number will grow (All Points has before advised of the government’s […]

Global Mobility Dictionary

Is your company starting its relocation practices? Or maybe you think it is time to hire someone from another country. Corporate relocation can be difficult to navigate, but All Points prepared a Global Mobility dictionary to help you in your journey. Need more help understanding relocation terms? Check out our Frequent Asked Questions.