This Peak Moving Season! The most difficult on record?

Peak Moving Season

All Points has written about Peak Moving Season in the past, but this notice is a warning that we may be at “all-time-worst” Peak Moving Season. This is important for anyone managing corporate relocation. What is Peak Moving Season? Peak moving season occurs in the summer, with 80% of all moves in Canada and the United States […]

COVID, Self-Isolation and Grocery Services during a Relocation to Canada

All Points has notified our clients of our COVID related services for some time now, right back to the origination of the ArriveCan App. But while we have been delivering the below service for some time now, we realized, we never fully explained the whys and wherefores of the service. So here it is. Your […]

Relocation Finances: Capped Relocation Allowances and tax breaks

Capped Relocation Allowance

Whenever a company decides to expand nationally or internationally, they can find a great challenge with relocation finances. A relocation finance plan contains more than just a budget. You need to know the competitive landscape for relocating in your own industry. In addition, a relocation professional can help you budget the costs from point A […]

5 Factors not to lose sight of during an International Relocation

When onboarding an employee or recruit through an international corporate relocation, there are so many things to consider. We choose the top five in this article so that you will be well on your way. Check them out: 1. Immigration Research the details about what the employee needs to get a visa and work authorization […]

OK, so we thought the government quarantine program was less messy. We were wrong!

All Points provides employee relocation services and destination services to Canada for many Canadian corporations and we want to keep our clients up to date on the government quarantine program, because it seems that the government cannot do an adequate job on its own. No worry. We are here to help! Count to three…and don’t […]

Five reasons to ask All Points to manage your employee’s household goods move

There is a better option than leaving your brand-new relocated employees alone with their household goods move. And it pays for itself a few times over. All Points has volume discount relationships with movers. This is why many companies decide to use our Domestic or Global Move Management Services. Check out the benefits of hiring […]

Revenge Relocation is coming!

revenge relocation

It starts with Revenge Dining So, I currently live in downtown Toronto, in a region that our Provincial Government has labelled as a grey zone.  What does this allow me to do?  Not much.  Certainly, not eat at a restaurant.  When this pandemic started, I remember people saying everything was going to change.  Habits were […]

Government Quarantine Hotels settling down. Drive testing, not so much.

Wait times have settled down for the government quarantine hotels. Assignees report that wait times on the phone are as low as 1 hour to as much as 3 hours, when previously wait times of 8 hours had been reported. New Hotels Added It is also worthy of note that the number of hotels has […]

Covid-19 Immigration to Canada: How we are dealing with families

By Katya Karvelis Immigration Paralegal It should come as no surprise that immigration to Canada have become more difficult during the Covid-19 pandemic.  The Canadian government amended requirements for certain travelers coming to Canada to reunite with their families. Before, one applied for a work permit via an authorized representative who asked for a temporary […]