Montreal Grand Prix will make it hard for Temporary Accommodation in June

For those in corporate relocation who are thinking of bringing people into Montreal in June, be warned that temporary accommodations will be far less available and far more expensive.  This is because the Montreal Grand Prix 2022 is taking place on Sunday, June 19.  However, the festivities start on Thursday June 16 and crowds are […]

Inflation and Relocation aren’t mixing well

Many companies, over the years, have turned to the use of Relocation Allowances for the relocation of their employees or recruits. This is a practice that is very common in High-Tech and Construction but may make up some tiers of relocation policies in all manner of companies. A Relocation Allowance creates a predictable (and frequently […]

<strong>5 Questions to Ask on Your Request for Proposal</strong>

request for proposal

A Request for Proposal, or RFP, is a standard business practice that businesses use when they want to buy new services.  The basic proposal from a Relocation Management Company will provide you with general information about the company and its capabilities. For example, you might need an RMC that can move personnel to a developing […]

One day settling-in services are not currently possible across most of Canada

There was a time when one could accomplish a lot of local government and necessary registrations, during a destination service.  Classic destination service bundles might reserve 1 or 2 days for home finding and 1 day for settling / local registrations. In these good old days, it was possible (if planned well) to assist an […]

<strong>Virtual Destination Services: a post-pandemic option</strong>

Virtual destination services

Technology has offered a lot of convenience in different industries and different businesses. Relocation services are not exempted from such advancements. They are also embracing digital technology to offer better services. Virtual destination services have gained a lot of popularity recently. They offer a novel way of guiding assignees in their new cities.  What are […]

Improve two-way feedback with these six performance review tools

Feedback tools

Every organization needs to offer proper employee performance feedback. They may either inspire your staff to achieve new heights or (hopefully not) drive them away from your business. Thankfully, we have many employee performance reviews tools that can help during this journey. With the help of these apps and programs, companies can not only digitize […]

7 security and safety tips in airports

Girl with a green luggage and a teddy bear in an airport.

Your assignee is ready to take on the world! They have tickets and their passport, and now it’s time to embark on their journey.  There’s just one thing: airports are major hubs for people from every corner of the globe, and not every set of eyes might be friendly.  Travelling can be a thrilling experience, […]

Changes to Ontario’s NRST will negatively affect Assignees

The NRST was introduced in the Province of Ontario in 2017 which required foreign national purchasers to pay a 15% speculation tax on the purchase price of residential property acquired in the “Greater Golden Horseshoe” area of Ontario (Toronto and the surrounding area). The Ontario Ministry of Finance just announced amendments to the Ontario Land […]