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All Points recommends immediate action for corporations due to CIC’s new Employer Portal

Effective immediately, Citizenship and Immigration Canada (‘CIC’) has implemented a new, mandatory Employer Portal to collect employment related compliance data and to pay the associated fee.

This must be completed prior to a foreign national submitting an application for an employer-specific work permit under the International Mobility Program (‘IMP’) such as Intra-Company Transfers, professionals under the North American Free Trade Agreement, and International Experience Canada candidates. The Employer Portal replaces the previously required IMM 5802 form previously completed and submitted on behalf of our clients by All Points.

Employers should enrol in the Employer Portal as soon as possible to ensure the timely processing of foreign workers under the IMP. Moreover, employers and Canadian companies contracting for services with foreign employers must also ensure the accuracy of all information provided in the Employer Portal as the data provided will be reviewed by immigration officials as part of the Inspection Review Process.  Foreign nationals who do not have a complete Offer of Employment in the online system prior to CIC receiving their work permit application may have their application rejected.

As of February 21, 2015, employers or their representatives have been required to submit a $230 employer compliance fee and a complete IMM 5802 Offer of Employment to a Foreign National Exempt from the Labour Market Impact Assessment form to CIC via email. As of October 26, 2015, The IMM 5802 form has been discontinued and replaced by the new Employer Portal. Employers are now required to submit similar information and pay the fee via CIC’s new Employer Portal. The Employer Portal is part of recent CIC changes to strengthen employer accountability under the International Mobility Program.
What does this mean

Employers intending on bringing foreign nationals to Canada must sign up for the new portal immediately online and create an account as all IMP based work permit applications must be now verified through the Employer Portal prior to submission at a Visa Office or Port of Entry.

All Points’ Recommendation:

We recommend that HR’s meet internally with other stakeholders to understand the implications of the new portal. Companies will have to make decisions about primary and secondary contacts.  All Points can provide guidance if required.
Do not delay: even if you do not have imminent global assignees or permanent international transfers coming to Canada, we recommend that you sign up for the new portal as soon as possible.  Internal meetings and decision making as well as a small delay in getting the account verified (see below) could mean problematic delays on future time-sensitive ICT work permits.
How to create your Employer Account 

It is estimated to take approximately 5 business days to have an account verified and approved. The primary registrar will then receive a PIN via email and will then have the ability to designate other Canadian company branches or secondary contacts such as your All Points Relocation Immigration Counsel to manage the portal on their behalf.
If you experience difficulty in creating your Employer Portal, please contact All Points Relocation for assistance.
Exceptions to this new process– Applications that were submitted with an IMM 5802 form to CIC prior to October 26, 2015 now have until November 21, 2015 to submit their work permit applications to a Canadian Visa Office or Port of Entry.

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