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All Points’ COVID-19 Update and Business Continuity as of March 20

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All Points’ COVID-19 Update and Business Continuity

As of March 20

I just want to open by saying that we are thinking of your people, making sure they are ok and getting the information they need.

In these challenging times, we felt it important to inform our clients that All Points Relocation Service Inc has had a Business Continuity Plan in place for a number of years and we are currently working within its guidelines.

All Points has been well positioned to have its staff work from virtual home offices for quite a while now.  Our team is currently working from home offices with complete access to all digital tools regularly required to do their job and phone extensions consistent with their phone extensions when in the office.  We have asked all employees to work from home in efforts to reduce the risk of transmission of the COVID-19 virus.

Important highlights: (Updates will be made as the situation evolves).

  1. State of Emergency: Nationwide
    1. Many business, public gathering places and recreation facilities across the country have been closed; gatherings of more than 10 people have been cancelled
    2. Self-isolation and social distancing requirements have been put in place
    3. Schools are closed
  2. Non-essential businesses closed
    1. Grocery stores and pharmacies remain open
  3. Returning / arriving to Canada:  14 Day Self-Isolation is now required
    1. Most non-Canadian nationals are not able to enter the country / exemptions are made for some work permit holders
  4. Service Canada Social Insurance Number: Mail applications only.
  5. Provincial health insurance registration:
    1. Ontario: limited but possible
    2. Quebec: closed / online only
    3. Alberta: limited but possible and online
    4. Other provinces, contact All Points
  6. Property viewings:  Most landlords/property managers will no longer conduct in-person viewings.  Remote, face-time viewings possible.


  1. Temporary Housing: We recommend that temporary housing stays be extended to 30+ days during this period to allow for the 14 day self-quarantine period.  Companies should realize that rental markets may be limited during this period for the reason described above, so temporary accommodations may need to be extended. Temporary accommodations may also be required for those that were ready to leave on assignments and who have given notice to their landlord, but cannot travel to the host country
    1. Most temporary accommodation providers are now providing quarantine suites that are cleaned and sterilized between guests. These are specific suites for travelers from abroad.

What All Points can do for you now:

  • Airport Pick Up /Drop Off Support  
  • Destination services after 14 day self-isolation possible
  • Groceries and pharmaceutical deliveries during self-isolation
  • Remote bank set-up
  • Departure support including alternative lodging
  • On-going counselling
  • Property management for properties that were found on house hunting trips, but are not currently able to be occupied
  • Domestic relocation

We will keep you informed during these challenging times. If you have any questions regards to relocation during this time period, please reach me at [email protected] and I will be happy to answer your questions.

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