8.5 Essential Considerations for Choosing a Relocation Management Company

Choosing the right relocation management company (RMC) can be a pivotal decision for your business. Perhaps your organization has evolved beyond its ability to manage relocations internally, or your procurement team is advocating for a new bidding process. Maybe you’re simply seeking an upgrade from your current relocation provider.

While relocating employees is inherently challenging, finding an RMC to facilitate the process can be straightforward and stress-free.

RMCs are instrumental in easing the complexities of moving employees. They handle everything from organizing departures, finding new housing, arranging travel and accommodations, moving personal belongings, to aiding employees in acclimating to their new communities. Moreover, they offer comprehensive monitoring of your relocation expenses.

So, how do you identify the RMC that’s the perfect match for your business and your employees?

Before You Start Looking for a Relocation Supplier

It’s important to first pinpoint exactly what you’re seeking in an RMC. This involves you and your company’s decision-makers outlining your priorities and requirements.

Draft a list of your top needs and preferences and refer to it during your search. Be prepared to add new criteria to this list as you interact with different RMCs.

Reflect on your company’s primary drivers. Is it cost, service satisfaction, technology, or a combination of these factors? Also, consider your company’s size and the expected frequency of relocations. RMCs vary in scale, from large, global organizations to smaller, more focused firms. Here, the well-known concept applies: do you prefer being a small fish in a big pond or a big fish in a small pond? Understanding what your company values most in this relationship is key. Note that RMCs, while offering similar services, differ significantly in their delivery. This is where your list comes in handy, helping you identify the RMC that best fits your needs.

One quick anecdote from across the pond: one of the most successful relocation companies in the last few years has been a relatively small one: Heart Relocation. We like to think we pattern ourselves after them (or them after us?). Procurement can be biased against small, but small is having quite a victory ride of winning over more and more companies to their style of management. Enough preaching: you need to find the right RMC for you. Now let’s get to the 8.5 key points!

Here are 8.5 key points to consider when choosing a relocation supplier

8.5 Key Points for Selecting a Relocation Management Company

  1. Partner Mindset: It’s crucial to find an RMC that acts as a partner rather than just a service provider. Long-lasting partnerships with an RMC often lead to consistent high-quality service and cost savings. Look for an RMC committed to long-term relationships, offering continuous policy consulting and proactive suggestions for improving your relocation program.
  2. Flexibility and Responsiveness: A successful relocation process requires adaptability. Ensure the RMC can adjust to changes in your business, such as new locations or shifts in employee levels. Evaluate their ability to adapt their technology and reporting tools to your specific needs.
  3. Comprehensive Support: Determine how the RMC defines success in relocation. Their focus should be on aiding your success and simplifying the relocation process for your employees. How do they plan to set up both you and your staff for a successful transition?
  4. Exceptional Customer Service: Investigate the RMC’s history in enhancing employee relocation satisfaction. Inquire about their service delivery model and how they maintain customer service excellence as a core offering.
  5. Balancing Service with Cost Savings: A good RMC should offer top-notch customer service without extra cost. A focus on quality service often leads to fewer exceptions in policies, reducing the need for crisis management and ultimately saving costs.
  6. Supply Chain Management: Understand how the RMC manages its network of suppliers. Their process for selecting and qualifying suppliers should ensure consistency in your employees’ relocation experiences.
  7. Network Coverage: The geographical reach of the RMC is crucial. Opt for an RMC with a vast network capable of providing streamlined services across various locations.
  8. Management Structure: Examine the RMC’s management style, operational approach, and employee training programs. Knowledgeable and well-trained staff can significantly enhance the quality of relocation counseling.

And, the 0.5 point:

Technology Integration: Evaluate the RMC’s technological solutions and their flexibility. The right technology should be adaptable to your specific needs, offering custom alerts, reports, or dashboards.

Each of these considerations is vital in finding an RMC that aligns with your company’s relocation objectives and values. Happy searching!

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