Five reasons to ask All Points to manage your employee’s household goods move

There is a better option than leaving your brand-new relocated employees alone with their household goods move. And it pays for itself a few times over.

All Points has volume discount relationships with movers. This is why many companies decide to use our Domestic or Global Move Management Services.

Check out the benefits of hiring a company to manage moving for your employees:

1. You’ll have better service

All Point volume relationships result in better service. Your employee usually asks on their own, but All Points represents hundreds of corporate relocations per year. This means the world. Statistically speaking, you have a better chance at the perfect move with All Points than on your own. For global relocations we only used FAIM certified movers. And our movers are all COVID safe.

2. There is always cash flow

Employees may not be able to afford their mover. All Points has direct bill relationships and can pay the mover directly.

3. We solve problems quickly

If there is a problem, we can dig you out. It comes down to volume relationships again. Ask me about the truck that caught on fire and created smoke damage to 70% of the goods. When that happened, we leaned on the moving and the insurance company. The employee rated us as a 5 out of 5!

4. Don’t worry about move insurance

Who likes dealing with insurance? We do! All Points partners with a great 3rd party insurance partner – this allows us to give the employee peace of mind that from the onset that, should anything happen to their household goods in transit, they are supported by an insurer who will look after them immediately, sorting out any administrivia with the movers after that.

5. Focus on your business

All Points manages moves every day – we think of the things that the employee hasn’t (yet), we ask the questions they haven’t considered, and we ensure that we have everything managed on their behalf. We keep everything moving smoothly, saving your employees hours and hours of their time. And productivity is crucial in corporate relocation.

Are your employees in need of a great household goods move experience?

All Points can help you with that and many other Relocation Services. Get in touch to learn more.

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