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Archive for: December, 2020


Hey government. Let them buy furniture. Millennials on the move.

Subscribe to our Newsletter here. All Points works with several high-tech firms and the talent that these companies seek is often found with Millennials. Millennials were born between 1981 and 1996. As at the time of writing, they are currently between 24-39 years old. There are several things to know about relocating millennials successfully.  Four ideas…

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Canada to offer more immigration pathways to temporary residents. What should companies do?

Subscribe to our Newsletter here. One thing that a lot of Canadians may not know is that Canada’s federal government is actually quite worried as to how COVID-19 has not only derailed its current economy, but also one of the pillars of its longer-term economic plan:  immigration. Both permanent and temporary residents are important aspects of…

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