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Archive for: July, 2020

rental rates decreasing

Is your Cost of Living Provider keeping up with the falling rental prices across Canada? I couldn’t keep-up just writing this article!!

Subscribe to our Newsletter here. All Points is recommending a second conversation with your cost of living provider to ensure that they have updated their cost of living data for Canadian cities.  I will be honest. You have to read this article with two thoughts in your head at once. Most of it was written in…

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Tiering Relocation Policies

Should Low Mobility Corporations Tier their Relocation Policy?

This is a question I often get asked. Common wisdom has suggested that what works for high mobility corporations does not necessarily work for low mobility corporations.  This is a truism for sure.  This adage rears its head for a lot of mobility factors: can we get by without having relocation assistance?  Do we have…

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Provincial registration offices opening – but confusing

Subscribe to our Newsletter here. As provinces begin to open, so do their registration offices.  However, with a near complete shut down of the vast majority of these offices since mid-March, there is significant pent-up demand for registrations, address changes, etc. In addition there is some confusion or challenges in some of these offices, so All…

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