Understanding The Global Talent Stream (GTS)

Social Insurance Application Rejections

Understanding the Global Talent Stream (GTS) All Points Relocation Canada thought it was time to bring greater awareness to Canada’s Global Talent Stream. We have written about our advantage over the American immigration landscape in the past, but we thought that this program brought such an edge to Canada, people should understand it. On June […]

OHIP is creating problems for some expatriates

OHIP is creating problems for some expatriates

OHIP is creating problems for some expatriates, based on our observations at All Points Relocation Canada. For eligible expatriates with a work permit, coverage becomes effective 90 days from receipt of the work permit (some conditions apply).  Coverage for qualified dependents also starts 90 days from the issuance of the work permit in most instances, but […]

Trump Tax Reform Threatens to Make U.S. (and cross-border) Relocation more Dysfunctional

trump tax reform threatens relocation benefits

The Trump Tax Reform threatens relocation benefits in the U.S. Is U.S. Relocation Dysfunctional? Well, compared to its Canadian counterpart, the answer is yes. In the United States, just about every relocation benefit that could appear in a relocation policy is considered taxable by the IRS, whereas most are considered non-taxable in Canada. In the […]

Thanks for nothing CETA! You have let Canadians down on the immigration front.

CETA immigration

CETA immigration definitely disappoints. All Points Relocation Services has made it clear that one of the most mishandled and least discussed files of the Harper government was immigration. Reacting to political pressure, the government of the day made life a lot more difficult for Canadian corporations to attract talent from other countries to perform important […]