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Archive for: May, 2016

Preparing your transferees for Peak Household Goods Shipment Season can be the difference between a make or break relocation.

Why does Peak Season matter? Peak Season is also the season where a transferee is more statistically likely to experience delays, poor service, damage or all three. Think about it this way. During the non-peak months, your transferee will get a team of three professionals helping them with their relocation. During peak season, teams get…

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What do you mean my global assignee’s car seat is illegal in Canada?

Yes it is true, if a global assignee has brought their car seat from overseas, it may be illegal to use in Canada, and he or she may also be hit with fines and demerit points on their driving record if convicted. Transport Canada and Health Canada are concerned that parents and caregivers may not…

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Fort McMurray Evacuation Effects Temporary Accommodation availability far and wide

The tragedy in Fort McMurray has displaced thousands of families. Many of these have travelled south to Edmonton. As a result, it should come as no surprise that Edmonton temporary accommodation facilities are now full with no foreseeable vacancies. However, while many employees have fled to Edmonton, many have also gone back to other cities…

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