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Archive for: November, 2015

All Points Dives Deeper into CIC’s New Employer Portal and Recommends Companies Implement Strategy Immediately

After an in-depth review of Citizenship and Immigration Canada’s (‘CIC’) new, mandatory Employer Portal, All Points is prepared to make recommendations for how companies with global assignees or international permanent transfers into Canada, should approach the portal. In addition to our previous relo-lert, the CIC does provide a step-by-step guide on how to create your…

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Work Permit Review at Airport becoming Crucial to Canadian Business

January 13, 2014: When assignees and transferees, coming to Canada, arrive at the destination city airports, they are filled with a combination of excitement and, frequently, fatigue. Fatigued or not, they must still clear through immigration and obtain their work permits. If properly prepared, they will have all their documentation, and know what to say…

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All Points recommends immediate action for corporations due to CIC’s new Employer Portal

Effective immediately, Citizenship and Immigration Canada (‘CIC’) has implemented a new, mandatory Employer Portal to collect employment related compliance data and to pay the associated fee. This must be completed prior to a foreign national submitting an application for an employer-specific work permit under the International Mobility Program (‘IMP’) such as Intra-Company Transfers, professionals under…

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