Economic Externalities, the spreadsheet and Relocation Support

November 7, 2013 I recently came back from the Worldwide ERC Conference in Dallas, and there were a number of companies with whom I spoke who were concerned with an increasing number of relocations that are getting lump sums instead of relocation support. It is far from universal, and there are still many companies that […]

Michael Deane receives the Worldwide ERC’s Meritorious Service Award

November 4, 2013: All Points Relocation Service, a Canadian full-service relocation management and destination service firm, is pleased to announce that Michael Deane, Vice President of Client Services, and All Points’ Co-owner, was recently honored with the Worldwide ERC®’s Meritorious Service Award, at the 2013 Global Workforce Symposium, in Dallas, Texas. “We are proud that […]