Extremely Low Vacancy Rates In Calgary, Alberta

June 27, 2013: Due to the extreme flooding in Alberta, temporary accommodation, both corporate suites and hotels, are virtually unavailable in the Calgary area. Thousands that have been affected and are just now beginning to rebuild but Calgary Mayor NaheedNenshi has promised to do everything in his power to continue with the Calgary Stampede events […]

Back to basics Immigration Series: Business Visitor Class

June 19, 2013: Given recent newsworthy events in the world of Canadian immigration, we thought it was a good idea to go back to basics on some Canadian immigration principles. Various jurisdictions around the world – some of them long ago, some of them just recently – all have developed systems of admission for foreign […]

Loss on Sale is with us again in Canadian relocation

June 19, 2013: With a number of regionally specific real estate markets softening, employers who relocate employees domestically within Canada, are likely to have already, or will soon experience a transferee that is in a loss on sale position. This means that the employee is unable to sell his/her home for the same price at […]

New Rules for Temporary Foreign Workers

June 13, 2013: The fallout from the Temporary Foreign Workers scandal that first broke in April of this year continues. The Globe and Mail reports that recent changes, just published allow HRSDC or CIC officers to walk in on businesses as part of a random audit or because they suspect a company of fraudulently using […]

Birth Certificates Required for Work and Residence Visa Applications

June 6, 2013: Under a new Brazilian government policy, all applicants for Brazilian work and residence visas will eventually be required to present their birth certificate as part of the consular filing. This new requirement is being gradually rolled out, being already in effect at some consulates. Birth certificates will not be needed for only […]