China Introduces Stricter Enforcement Against Unlawful Entry, Stay and Work

August 30, 2012: As a reminder, new legislation in China was passed in June to introduce stiffer penalties against unlawful entry, stay and work. Under the new legislation, the following will take effect starting July 1, 2013: Unlawful employment is defined as (1) working without a valid work permit and residence permit; (2) working outside […]

Free Doughnuts and Relocation

August 27, 2012 I heard a great podcast today on why American Veterans (almost) universally dislike the Red Cross. How can you dislike the Red Cross? They do such wonderful things. Well, listen to this podcast and you will learn why one change in the 1940s – by starting to charge for free doughnuts – […]

Canadian Cities and Typical Snowbird Destinations

August 16, 2012 ERI puts out some interesting reports. This one is focused on the Cost of Living Differences between major Canadian cities and typical snowbird destinations. Take a few minutes to look at these reports at the bottom of the ERI webpage. Then imagine relocating an American to Canada. The recent recession has increased […]

Temporary Accommodation Challenges in Toronto

August 7, 2012: Yes, it is that time again the Toronto International Film Festival will be running from September 6th to September 16th. As a result, temporary accommodation will be virtually unavailable in the Toronto area for the first two weeks of September. Given the high demand, the price for any available accommodation will escalate […]

Badminton Scandal at Olympics and Relocation?

August 2, 2012 There is no real connection. Technically I am the closest thing to the connection between the two things. In a former life (pre-relocation) I was ranked on the competitive Canadian badminton circuit. The top position I ever held was 2nd in Canadian doubles when I was 18. A good friend of mine […]