Rental Vacancy Rate Decreases in Canada

July 31, 2012: According to Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation’s (CMHC) spring Rental Market Survey, the average rental vacancy rate in Canada’s 35 major centres decreased from 2.5% in April 2011 to 2.3% in April 2012. In the survey, several observations were made. These included: The major centres with the lowest vacancy rates were Regina […]

The Finale: Five Out of Five

July 26, 2012 This is the fifth and final blog in the series The Five Things that Canadian Corporations Should do to their Relocation Policies NOW! This time we describe the relocation of homeowners. In this blog, I argue that all homeowners should have some form of limitations put on the marketing of their homes. […]

Back to Basics: Making International Assignments Easier

July 19, 2012: Global Tax Network (GTN) has released a list of ten (10) measures that firms HR departments should consider implementing to ease the pain associated with administering international assignments. These best practices are: Have a written tax equalization policy for international assignments Have a written compensation policy for international assignments Coordinate/interact with the […]

Canadian Housing Market Expected to Moderate

July 16, 2012: According to Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation’s (CMHC) second quarter Canadian housing market outlook, both new and current housing markets are expected to moderate. In this report, the following trends are observed: The number of housing starts on the market is expected to be between 182,300 and 220,600 units in 2012 and […]

Coming in Fourth – Policy Structure

July 12, 2012 This is the fourth blog in the series? The Five Things that Canadian Corporations Should do to Their Relocation Policies NOW!? In the last blog I recommended changes to Miscellaneous Allowances, if they have not been made already. In a way, this week’s recommendation is similar. We recommend that companies shift from […]

Making Sense of Recent Canadian Immigration Changes

June 7, 2012: Christopher Garrah’s article Doing Business in Canada: Immigration provides great insight into four recent developments in Canadian business immigration law. In it he looks at: The impact of new foreign worker regulations New restrictions under the federal skilled worker category for obtaining permanent resident status Developments with respect to immigrant investor and […]