International Compensation – Split Pay Delivery

April 26, 2012: Our last article in the series, Putting Together the Right International Compensation Package, explored the elements that make up an international compensation package and what you will need to consider when selecting the right elements for your global mobility program. In this article we will begin to discuss the various international compensation […]

Tax Appeal Ruling May Affect Relocation Policies

April 26, 2012: A recent tax court ruling may have interesting ramifications for the relocation industry and corporate relocation practices. As reported in the Toronto Star, on January 16, Glen Wunderlich had been commuting to a job in Burlington, Ontario from Toronto since mid-2004. After receiving a promotion, he decided to move closer to work, […]

Top 5 Difficulties for Repatriating Canadians

April 25, 2012 This topic mainly addresses Canadians returning from US assignments, or those that relocated on a more permanent basis, but now are returning as part of a job offer. Many of the top 5 difficulties can apply to repatriations from other countries, but some have a unique cross-border flavour. OK ? also it […]

Accelerated Labour Market Opinion Process Launched

April 25, 2012: Human Resources and Skills Development Canada announced today the launch of the Accelerated Labour Market Opinion (A-LMO) program. As we reported on April 10th, the A-LMO program is expected to reduce the Service Canada processing time. If the employer meets all the eligibility criteria to participate in the A-LMO Initiative, HRSDC/Service Canada […]

European Commission to Examine Taxation of Cross-Border Workers

April 17, 2012 As reported by KPMG, the European Commission announced recently that it will examine the taxation of cross-border workers. Throughout 2012, the EC will assess the direct tax systems of EU Member States to determine whether they create unfair disadvantages for workers that live in one Member State and work in another. More […]

Accelerated LMO Process Coming Soon

April 10, 2012: As reported by Greenberg Turner in its latest alert, Human Resources and Skills Development Canada (HRSDC) will imminently announce the launch of an Accelerated Labour Market Opinion (ALMO) program. Under the new program, HRSDC expects to process LMO applications within 10 days from the date of submission for eligible employers seeking LMOs […]

Building a toaster and relocation services

April 5, 2012 In the great Douglas Adams book, Mostly Harmless the hero is transported (hey, we could even say relocated) to a distant planet which is technologically primitive compared with Earth. There is a moment in this book when our hero thinks that he could be emperor of this planet, because of his technological […]

New Simplified LMO Process in Quebec

April 2, 2012: The province of Quebec has implemented a new simplified Labour Market Opinion (LMO) process. The new process no longer requires employers hiring foreign workers to provide proof of recruitment efforts in 44 occupations in a variety of fields. This news is of particular interest for employers that were using the now defunct […]